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Nozone Clothing Company is a family owned and operated business. It was founded in 1996 by parents who were determined to find a better way to protect their family members from the harmful effects of the sun and endless applications of chemical-filled sunscreens.

We searched all over the world to find the best fabrics for making sun-protective clothing. We developed prototypes, turned our kids loose on the beach and at outdoor pools, and the result was immediate.  They were protected from the sun. More and more parents approached us wondering where they could find such cool looking and practical sun-protective products, and the Nozone Clothing Company was born.

Our designs struck a chord with customers and the initial production runs soon expanded as word spread, both online and in retail shops. We then began making clothing for adults too.

We went into overdrive to keep up with demand, but never lost sight of our roots.  Our quality products are made ethically and locally.  We use only the finest materials and oversee every step of production to ensure the highest level of quality control.  We stand by our no-questions-asked full refund or replacement guarantee.

Nozone's Commitment to Quality, Ethics, and Service

At Nozone, we go above and beyond to make quality a priority, and we have the utmost attention to detail. We create superior products to protect you and your family from the sun, so you can simply get outside and enjoy it, safely.

We oversee every step of production. Our hands-on approach ensures we choose the finest materials, use the best design and manufacturing techniques, and double check each item before it goes out the door. Our sewing team uses state-of-the-art machines and incorporates four-thread stitching techniques, which make our products highly durable.

  • Experience - Nozone is the North American leader in sun protective clothing and has been since 1996
  • Quality - We create premium products manufactured to exacting standards
  • Full sun protection - All products are independently certified UPF 50+ (unless otherwise noted) 
  • Safety - 100% of the sun protection comes from the weave of the fabric, so no zinc or other chemicals are used
  • Design - We offer stylish designs with comfortable fabrics that flow naturally with the body
  • Technologically advanced - We use state of the art materials from around the world
  • Ethics - We adhere to international labor standards to ensure no children or underpaid workers are involved in the manufacturing process
  • Service - We guarantee full satisfaction or provide a full refund

Public awareness of the harmful effects of over-exposure to sunlight has led to the demand for more effective preventative measures. Nozone Clothing has responded with a line of stylish products designed to provide maximum protection from solar radiation. We use specialized fabrics that have been awarded the highest rating possible of UPF 50+ (unless otherwise noted). This means the fabric blocks 98% or more of all ultra-violet rays.